The Baha'is of the City of Houston, TX


In the Baha'i Faith, a fireside is a space where friends gather for fellowship, reflection, and learning. It is often geared toward teaching the verities of the Faith to friends from the wider community in a loving, patient, non-judgmental atmosphere. The fireside is designed to:

• Explain the fundamentals of the Baha’i Faith to seekers, drawing upon inspiration from Anna’s presentation (a widely-circulated booklet that serves as a model for how to present the Faith to those with questions).

• Be a resource to the entire community by providing a follow-up space for those visitors/seekers attending the Sunday morning meetings or who contact the Assembly seeking information about the Faith.

• Act as a resource to anyone in metro Houston who needs assistance in transitioning from individual conversations of significance to seekers entering Ruhi 1 (the first in a series of texts called the Ruhi Sequence of Courses that are studied in a group setting). For more information on the Ruhi Institute, follow this link: http://www.ruhi.org/institute/path.php

• Create a loving, spiritual and fun atmosphere to attract the seeker to the Baha’i Community

• Utilize the music and audio-visual aids to foster spiritual atmosphere.

• Support and cooperate with Cluster Institute programs (i.e. children's classes, junior youth groups for those 12-15, and Ruhi study circles).

Our weekly firesides are held every Friday evening from 7-9pm online via Skype.
Everyone is cordially invited. Bring a friend! Please follow the link to the event page where you can RSVP:


​Please contact any of the hosts below with any questions:

Michael 404-625-7599
Kayvon 713-777-7400
Ruhi 281-687-7774